Spring 2017 Course Offering

After Freud, After Lacan

An NRPI Seminar on

The Stakes of the Human

This seminar places the typical therapist-patient narrative of contemporary psychology into the normalizing frame in which it functions, unwittingly adapting the patient to the ideals of a socio-political milieu, or tacitly modelling his/her ego on the example of therapist. We address Freudian and Lacanian concepts of: the subject of the unconscious, the death drive, the rock of jouissance, and the stakes of language in the position of the analyst. The ethics and the desire of the analyst, and the place of the objet a in the life of the human and in any analysis are always weaving throughout the seminar’s attentions.

We bring to life these often impenetrable concepts, and move participants to understand and to bring into the clinic the philosophies of suspicion ushered into human discourse by Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud, inflicting narcissistic injury on today’s hegemonic forms of treatment, and ask the too-often censored, fundamental question, “What is the human?”

We meet for 55 minutes, weekly, for 22 meetings in the Spring 2017 semester.

Instructor: Joseph Scalia III, Psya.D. Email instructor at scaliaiii@gmail.com.

Cost is $500 per participant.