Cindy Linse

Cindy Linse, D.E.A.
Billings, Montana, USA

Cindy Linse is an analyst in private practice in Billings Montana. She studied Lacanian psychoanalysis in Paris under Jacques-Alain Miller, and holds the Diplôme d’Études Approfundis (D.E.A.) in psychoanalysis from the Université de Paris VIII-St. Denis, which is a doctoral level professional diploma. Her work with early onset psychosis  at Courtil, the diagnostic center of the Institut Medico-Pédégogique Notre Dame de la Sagesse (a Lacanian institution in Belgium) is central to her training and understanding of Lacan. To get a better sense of who Cindy Linse is go to the Courtil Papers website and click on Cindie Linse at the bottom of the page, where you will find her introduction to the Courtil Papers outlining some of her experiences there: