Fall 2011-Instigating History

Instigating History:
On the Nature of Radical Transformation

There is a way in which the story of humankind thus far can be thought of as pre-historical, as primitive and as not having reached a collective and uncompromising value of the dignity of all human beings, as well as the preservation of the very planet on which our survival depends. If history will only arrive when and if we achieve these inextricable aims, how can we construe the encouraging of our movement in that direction? What can we know about the material and spiritual conditions of our pre-history and possible movement into history? What is the place of the psychoanalytic clinic, and what it has taught us, in any possible practice of emancipatory politics?
We will examine the ways in which ideological interpellation and inculcation have determined our politics, our theories of “mental health”, our economics and modes of production, our theories of education, our relationship to nature, and how all of these are inextricably linked to one another. It is worth being explicit in saying that this inextricable linkage includes, for its efficacy, the clinic’s ability to bear in mind – and to bear in (the) being (of the analyst) – a radical critique of ideology. Marxist and Lacanian critiques of ideology will be indispensable in our analysis.

To these ends, we will read parts of several works. Click here for a reading list and other information.

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