Fall 2012

How to Begin A Lacanian Psychoanalysis

We will immerse ourselves in a combination of the knowledge content of how one inaugurates a Lacanian psychoanalysis – what one says and doesn’t say and how one knows, and how one’s unconscious can sabotage any such undertaking from the very beginning.

The class sessions will include lectures, case presentations, and discussion.

Interested students must schedule an interview with the instructor in order to determine whether this course is a good match for their current level of formation as analysts, and how well class members will be able to work together on this material.  Write the instructor at scaliaiii@gmail.com.

Class time will be arranged once students are selected for the course.  Deadline for application is July 15, 2012.

Instructor:  Joseph Scalia III, M.Ed., LCPC is a Psya.D. Dissertator in Psychoanalysis and Culture at the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis.  He is a member of the École Freudienne du Québec and the Groupe Interdisciplinaire Freudien de Recherche et d’Intervention Clinique et Culturelle, where he is in his seventh year of studying Lacanian psychoanalysis.  Scalia previously completed his psychoanalytic certification in 2001 at the Philadelphia School of Psychoanalysis, and later mentored in Object Relations theory and practice.  Immersing in a Lacanian formation has been liberating and humbling.