2011 Strategic Planning

Thanks to all of you who participated in the March 11 and 12, 2011 NRPI Strategic Planning weekend.

On Friday evening, March 11, 2011 and all day Saturday, March 12th, the NRPI community came together to formalize the work of NRPI in three areas:

  1. The Training (Formation) of Analysts
  2. The Clinic
  3. Center for Cultural Critique and Intervention

The goal was to come out of the strategic planning weekend with a collectively well-articulated vision of the future of NRPI – a map we mutually recognize, a map of where the Institute is going and how we might take it there.

The group brainstormed the possibilities in the three identified areas in order to both further articulate the work of NRPI and to focus human and financial resources. The group then identified and prioritized actions NRPI would undertake in the short-term. It formulated the scope of medium-range projects and it envisioned long-range possibilities. Where appropriate, follow-up actions were given timelines. Thus, a plan developed of how we will move forward into the next few years.

A strategic planning oversight committee was created to assist various groups in their work over the next year. Laurie Thatcher is the Chair of this committee.

For further information about the weekend, or if you want to jump on board to assist in this exciting work ahead, please contact Joseph Scalia III, josephscalia@nrpi.net

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